How many times have you gone away from an Italian restaurant asking yourself how this food can be so tasty and appetising?

Surely you love Italian cooking and you'd like to know some of the secrets which makes it so special. In this case you've found the right address!

On request we organize small cooking classes where you learn all that essential knowledge which will enable you to produce a delicious Italian meal for your family and friends at home.

Eleonora will teach you her good recipes and fabulous tricks. You'll appreciate the flavours of natural local products combined with our home made olive oil. Even if you're not an expert cook you will enjoy yourself. Your helping hand will be decisive anyway! After all your efforts you will appreciate even more a wonderful dinner in our romantic candlelit Renaissance dining room with fresco paintings, proud of what you've done

La Villa
Olio Extravergine d'oliva
Scuola di cucina
Dove siamo
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